Miesner Media's House LUT Pack

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Your film can look like others don't dare to imagine. The House LUTs Pack encourages creative grading that will set your project apart from the "orange teal" look that cliches cling to, and actually speed up your workflow in the process.

These LUTs are pulled from real world projects as well as experimental look building. 100% developed in house to make our grades faster, more unique, and more fun.

The House LUT Pack has both Rec709 (standard DSLR color space) and Log (standard cinema camera color space) versions of the LUTs so you can use easily use them on any and all footage that comes your way.

Still not convinced? Let Theo explain why he loves LUTs:


Want to learn more? Check out these tutorials, made just for you, on using LUTs!

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Enjoy ;)