Bright Lights Light Leak Pack

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  • $29.99

You'll get 3 RAR

Love em or hate em, light leaks are a trendy way to spice up bland footage, add an extra punch to your motion graphics, as well as just make your life easier, and your stuff cooler.

"I personally use these on a daily basis as a way to add value with close to no extra work on my end. Every time I use them clients comment about how great the 'lighting' looks. Trust me, its worth a download."


The pack is divided into two main categories: "Overlays" & "Transitions". Each of those has two subcategories: "Quiet" & "Loud". Overlays are meant to be, surprisingly enough, overlaid (really "screen" works best) on footage for an extended time, whilst the transitions are great for overlaying on edit points. The "Quiet" looks are have less contrast and saturation which is better for subtle effects and the "Loud" looks are very punchy and saturated, great for really adding that wow factor your clients crave!

This light leak pack was all recorded in house and has been shopped around to, and tested by our friends (and approved). They have used them in music videos, commercials, motion graphics, and even educational content. With just over 30 gigs of leaky goodness you are sure to have some serious fun with this stock footage pack!

There are also H.264 and ProRes HQ versions available. Both contain all the light leaks, so you can download either/both depending on your delivery/bandwidth requirements/needs.